Our Team Work

Our Team Work

Socket Lathe - Lathe 1/4"

Socket Lathe 1/4"
Manufacturing 1/4" Socket & Accessories

Socket Lathe - Lathe 1/2"

Socket Lathe 1/2"
Manufacturing 1/2" Socket & Accessories


Product Logo Handling


Specially Made Of Concave And Convex Lines To Increase Friction On The Surface Of The Machine Or To Facilitate Gripping

Lasering / Printing

Product Logo Handing


In Charge Of HBS Product Logo Handling

Extension Bar Lathe

Manufacturing Extension Bar

Machining (CNC Lathe / Milling)

Control Sockets External Diameter & The Roundness
Finish Complicated Process To Ensure Product The Precision


Remove Oxide Layer & Burrs For Surface Coating


Manufacturing Prouduct Packing Portable Case


We Have All The Paten And Hundreds Of Molding Manufacturing


Manufacturing T-Bar, Screwdrivers, Handle, Hex Key, Wrench Sleeve, Ratchet Handle

Packing & Assembling


Plastic Goods Storage


Semi-Finished Product Storage


Quality Checking

Ensure That A Manufactured Product Adheres To A Defined Set Of Quality Criteria Meets The Requirements Of The Client

Sample Showroom

Sample Display